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Laugh, Love & Be Good Company

Years ago a friend asked if I could describe a common thread amongst all of my friends. After thinking about her question I realized that while most of my friends could be characterized as 'driven' the only truly common trait amongst them all was their 'love of laughter'. It wasn't until this conversation that I actually processed just how much laughter meant to me personally. In fact, one of the most impactful dating and relationship tips of my life came from a friend's father who never failed to make us laugh.
The advice that he shared almost 20 years ago still guides my approach to relationships and friendships to this day. He suggested to us to 'always be good company'.  In this statement, he challenged us to be aware of the impact of our attitudes and presence on others.  He encouraged us to be intellectually engaging and to always have a sense of humor. This advice has not only helped sustain a strong friendship within my marriage but I believe that it has helped me professionally and personally. 

It's so easy to start a conversation with a complaint or to talk more than we listen but when we commit to being good company we become less inclined towards these common behaviors. We are actually forced to laugh more, to be mindful of taking a genuine interest in others and to be responsible with our words.

So in celebration of Global Belly Laugh Day 2017 (who knew?), we share this story and reminders of the health benefits of laughter. We also challenge you to share a story or joke on our page (or yours) that will make someone laugh today!

Health Benefits of Laughter

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As I woke up to start my day, I stopped to pray and give thanks for the many things that filled my heart.  Among this list, I expressed gratitude to God for giving me the gift of thoughtfulness. As I prayed and shared my gratitude list something in my spirit caused me to pause, reflect and think deeply on the responsibility of being thoughtful.

For whatever reason, be it my birth order, astrological make up, intuitive nature, etc., I have an instinctive inclination to naturally and consistently think of others. My mind is wired to connect others to things and people that I know they care about or need. I am drawn to help people in need. As a result, I find myself constantly sharing information and making connections without even thinking. Although this activity fuels my soul at rare times it has also made me feel neglected. In those dark moments, I actually feel angry with others for not reciprocating, for not being more thoughtful of others. I question why I always seem to share and think of others and rarely see it returned from the folks that I give to the most.

One day a friend confided in me about the disappointment in support that she was receiving for a jewelry line that she launched. She thanked me for my order and explained that she had supported so many people in their businesses and yet those same people failed to support her in hers. I could hear her pain. I could relate to her pain. I gently reminded her to remember her why - why she had helped others. I then encouraged her to focus on that and the why that drove her to start her jewelry business. Those are the things that matter and will fuel you. The other thoughts will distract you and weaken your goodness. Lastly, I reminded her that she would get support but it will likely not come from the places she'd expect and those places will renew and fuel her spirit in ways she couldn't imagine.

Through this exchange and so many conversations like this one, I realize just how much I help myself when I help others. I find the serendipity in this to be magical and one that fuels my gratitude in the gift of thoughtfulness and the gift of selflessness.

Never stop being you. Never question your goodness. When you encounter a moment of darkness always remember your 'why'💗. #BeSelfless #StayThoughtful

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